I’ve known this kid since he was born. He doesn’t have too much to say about too many things. But that always made me think that he was THINKING a whole lot more than he was TALKING. And there’s a lot to be said for that. Some might call him a dreamer. And maybe he is. But I think one day his dreams just might become a reality. Here’s his High School Senior Photo Shoot!

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Dream on, kiddo!

For more of hisĀ pics, check out the Facebook page by CLICKING HERE!


Rarely do I travel so far to do a photo shoot, but when my cousin decided she wanted to do her High School Senior photos in Savannah, Georgia…well. How could I say no to that? Fabulous girls weekend in a beautiful city…and here’s the result. (Yes. She’s GORGEOUS. Yes. She’s already taken.)

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I can’t believe she’s graduating.

To see more of her photos, you can head on over to her album on the Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.


The more I worked on these photos, the more I was convinced that this fun-loving girl looks a LOT like Jennifer Lawrence! Do you see it? I’ve known her for years, but I never noticed the resemblance until now!

For this senior session, we headed out to Loyce Harpe Park in Mulberry, with mom and dad tagging along in a truck carrying a good-sized couch! Check it out:



















So gorgeous! Congratulations on all you have achieved, Lexie! I can’t wait to see where life takes you next!